Kodanda Rama swamy Temple

Sri Kodanda Rama swamy temple is one of the famous ancient temples located in the heart of the Tirupati city.

Kodanda Rama swamy Temple Details:

This temple has a great historical background. It was constructed by chola king in the 10th century and rebuilt in 1481.

kodanda rama swamy temple

Sri Kodanda Rama swamy temple is located at 2.5 km approx from Railway station. The temple is located at 3 km from Bus station and is considered to be at the middle of the Temple Town Tirupati. Opposite to this Temple Sri Anjaneya swamy temple is located. Sri Kodanda swamy temple is located at only 1 Km distance from another temple Shrine Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple.

Sri Kodanda Rama swamy temple consists of Dieties Lord Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Godess Sita Devi. As according to  Varaha Purana  Sri Rama, Lakshmana and sita devi while returning from lanka they stayed at Tirupati for a while. We can still find the commemorates of Lord Sri Rama’s visit to Tirupati. Visiting times at Sri Rama Swamy Temple are from 5 AM to 8.30 PM.

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