Lord Venkateswara Images

Lord Venkateswara Images

Lord Venkateswara swamy also known as Srinivasa, Balaji, Venkata Ramana, Venkatachalapathi, Govinda is all various forms of Lord Vishnu. Lord Venkateswara swamy temple is located in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh in Southern India.

Lord Venkateswara swamy has several names and one among the famous is Balaji. One of his biggest devotee named Hathirama Babaji came to know that Lord Venkateswara swamy is in Tirumala He came all the way from northern India to see and worship him. He arrived late and so priests did not allow him to enter in to the temple and so he prayed god with the name Balaji .

Lord Venkateswara’s face on Hills is one of the geological wonder in the Tirumala. At the north side of Tirumala Hills and near the chakra theertham you can find Lord Balaji ‘s Face on the Hills. Lord Venkateswara is worshipped as Goddess Uma on four days, and as Vishnu for two days and Shiva as one day in a week. Tirumala Hill Ranges depict the face of Lord Venkateswara Images. It is considered as most sacred temple in the world.

Lord Venkateswara Images



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The Statue of Lord Venkateswara Images is located at the right side corner of Garba Gudi.. The temple was built with an Dravidian architecture with a specific shape of pyramid towers . There are several old monuments which we can notice about Tirumala such as Old Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams photo, Temple top photos which was not plated by gold, Original picture and videos of Lord Venkateswara in early days , Pilgrimage photos who come by walk on earlier days, Live Darshanam videos of Lord Balaji.

Tirumala is richest places in the world for worship. It is visited by more than one lakh people a day. People from not only India but also across the different parts of the globe visit this wonderful holy place. The collection of rare photos of Tirumala and Tirupati, Lord Venkateswara, Ghat Roads, Buses, Darshan Lines, and improvised facilities will be an eye feasting for everyone to remember those golden days. Amazing pictures information about a decade ago with small queues with simplified lines will be noticed as a great collection of our old ancient history.

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