Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease which means the blood sugar levels are too high for a human being who is suffering it.  If the blood sugar levels stays for too long it will spoil the various organs of the body like kidneys, eyes, teeth & gums and more importantly Heart. Earlier Adults only got Type 2 diabetes. Nowadays children and other teenagers are also getting Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes Remedies: 

The Reasons for children and teenagers are getting Type 2 diabetes is that if any of the family members like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, and others are having diabetes. The other reason is that being overweight, If the children is weighing 9 pounds or more at the birth and also not being active there are chances for getting Type 2 diabetes. If the children is being born to a mother who had diabetes during her pregnancy there is a chance for children to get Type 2 diabetes.

type 2 diabetes

In order to keep children stay healthy and fit the children need an activity for 60 minutes a day in regular intervals of time or at a stretch. Even though they start slow they need to do some activity in short span of time intervals in a day for at least an hour which makes them more active. They also need to make meals and snacks that are healthy and tasty. It is recommended to limit portion sizes of foods high in fat, sugar, and salt especially. The time they spend before computers, Laptops, smart phones and Television sets should be limited to two hours.

Being active will help children to build muscle and burn off extra fat in the body. The muscles will also grow strong and stay flexible if they are following a good diet. They need to feel good and sleep better by maintaining the healthy weight. Parents need to stay positive by making the best choices for the children by adopting healthy eating habits in time. If we follow certain precautions and good diet conditions it will lower the chances of getting Type 2 diabetes in children.

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