Vitamin c For The Common Cold

Vitamin c For The Common Cold:

When we look in to Vitamin c for common cold, At the very first sign of symptoms of cold, many people reach Vitamin C since it has the common effect on everyone. Vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant which keeps you strong and healthy. Vitamin C is mainly used in the maintenance of bones, muscles and blood vessels. We can find naturally in vegetables and fruits like oranges or citric fruits. It is also available as a natural dietary supplement.

Vitamin c For The Common Cold:

Vitamin C is considered as a possible treatment for colds and other respiratory infections. It became more popular in the year 1970. It has become a therapeutic agent for prevention of cold. Vitamin C also called as ascorbic acid will help to reduce the incidence of colds. There is no effect of taking Vitamin C dosage up to 8 grams per day.vitamin c for the common cold

As according to study researchers noticed that People who are taking Vitamin C supplements daily has shorten the duration of cold. The Percentage of reduction was noticed in Adults is 8 Percent and in Children 14 Percent.

Vitamin C is safer to take more through fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C will be ingested in to the fruits and vegetables. In general people will take the supplements of Vitamin c which is also considered as safe. The main nature of vitamin c helps the absorption of iron in human body and another  main usage of Vitamin C is that it helps in formation of Collagen.

It is recommended for men to take 90 mg of vitamin c and 75mg of vitamin c for women. If we take higher doses of vitamin c it may cause kidney stones, diarrhea and nausea.  The higher dosage is calculated for adults as greater than 2000 milligrams for both men and women. It is very much essential to ensure the limited usage of vitamin c for healthy purposes. It will also be useful for Natural cold and flu remedies but in a limited way.

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